Every Barn Needs Paint

The other night I was drifting off to sleep. I reflected on the memories Ty and I created on our Harley Davidson’s.  As I thought of all the roads we chose to ride, were always the roads less traveled. I loved to see all the pretty homes and barns we passed. As I thought about the sights we viewed as we rode, the thought came to me, Every Barn Needs Paint.

Why does every barn need paint?  You see gorgeous barns that are over hundred years old, yet they look so fresh and beautiful; preserved through the ages. They are groomed, well maintained, and painted.  As you tour the same country side, you see barns that are again a hundred years old, but they are run down, some have caved and fallen down.  They are in ruins. A barn that once was so beautiful and functional is now just a pile of reclaimed lumber.

As I thought about this, my mind drifted. I thought of how I rescue furniture. I have rescued some despicable from the sides of the road! Treasures waiting to be reborn with recreated purpose! It’s what I love to do. Taking something old and creating something new! With a little elbow grease (or sometime a lot!), sanding, fixing and staining or painting, that old piece has come to life! It’s a treasure.

I have a beautiful hutch. It fits perfect in its space. It is functional. It’s brings a smile to my face every time I see it. But that was not always the case!

It’s what I love to do. Taking something old and creating something new!  It’s like the barn!

As you look to replace maybe an old wooden swing, garden chair or porch furniture, or the hand-me-down old end table, think of the barn. Just maybe all it needs is some elbow grease, some cleaner, love and a coat of paint or stain.

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Heidi Jo

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